Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Simplicity seems to be the new "buzz" word lately. And I'm feeling it, craving it.

What got me started was that my husband was laid off last week, which is a major bummer....but we are optimistic! That got me contemplating our future, not in a panic, but in a "let's be realistic" mindset.

1) What if he doesn't find a job and we have to lose the house.

2) What to do if we can't pay our bills.

I have a renewed fire in me to simplify. Clean out the "junk" from our lives. We have an actual container of household goods (my hubby worked in the transportation industry) plus a room full of "stuff" from my daughter who moved out in December. I haven't even touched her room - Ugh! (I don't think there is even walking space in there!) Not to mention the disaster in the garage and attic. I like to husband likes to hoard. Interesting combination, but this time I think I'll win out on the battle of the "bulge".

I've even simplified my diet. I know a lot of you are doing spring cleanses/detoxes. I have started to adjust my diet to get rid of the "junk" as well. I haven't had any wine since Sunday (a major vice) nor coffee (until this afternoon when I realized my chin was on my desk-LOL!)

Have you had any lifestyle changes that have urged you to change things up? What were they and how did you do?

*I was reeeaaaalllly hesitant to post this information....I haven't even told our extended family about our situation, but I know that we are not an isolated family that has been hit with a lay-off. I hope to be a source of support/comfort/whatever and get it out there that your/we're not alone.

Thanks for letting me vent....fphwewww! That felt good!

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Melita said...

i am sorry to hear about your husband being laid off as well. i have been officially unemployed for a week now. while it is somewhat of a troubling matter, i am very optimistic and keeping my thoughts on the door that is opening instead of the one that just closed. hope everything works out ok for you both, i am sure that it will. keep us posted and keep in good spirits :)