Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting Dirty

Well, the weekend has finally arrived, and I'm looking forward to getting dirty!

I've got my parsley, tomato, chive, basil, dill seeds ready to go...just have to map out my planting scheme. I love this time of year, digging in the soil. I actually love to sit on the soil and garden without gloves, sure it destroys my nails and fingers, but it's so grounding to be with the soil. Call me weird!

I'm also planning on spending 2 hours dedicated to clearing out my daughters room, I'm sure she's got the potential of several trash bags of junk in there. Hopefully I can clear a pathway for the real work next week!

Then finally on Sunday, my BFF is having a house warming party and I have been asked to help set up. Looking forward to that! Their new home is just beautiful and a long time coming!

Any special plans for you this weekend?


Pink Heels said...

Yeah for dirt! I spent a good portion of yesterday playing around in my gardens. I added about 30 more bulbs and expanded my strawberry patch. I missed gardening when I lived in D.C. It is so nice to be able to do it again.

Naturally Jules said...

Wow! 30 bulbs, you rock! I haven't faired so well with bulbs, mainly because I forget where I plant it and end up planting something else over it...oh well!

Melita said...

i love spring for many, many reasons and getting my hands dirty is one of them. i, too, have planned out the garden and got some seeds planted (and have some sprouts already yay). SO looking forward to this years harvest :)