Thursday, April 2, 2009

How do you chew?

The earliest I can remember, I have been a fast eater. I came from a family of 8. If you didn’t eat it fast enough, someone else would snatch it up. So fast eating worked well for survival as a child, but now as an adult – I have the blessing to be able to sit with my family for a nice, leisurely meal without the threat of bro #1 or bro #2 swiping my food off of my plate.

I have discovered that by eating so fast, I don’t take the time to savor the flavors, textures, colors, temperatures of my food. I’m not “present” while I eat my food.

Last month I took an on-line class at She is a great advocate for all things healthy (health in general, eating, and living). Please stop by and check her site out – it’s fabulous! But anyways, one of the assignments was to eat a meal with your eyes closed and note to yourself the experience. Was this an eye opening (pun intended!) lesson!

I realized that I:
1) Eat too fast – I slowed down when my eyes were closed.
2) Do not chew my food enough (my stomach does not have teeth.)
3) Enjoyed the textures, flavors and temperatures much more. The food even tasted
4) Surprisingly was more aware of when I was full!

My challenge to you is to try this exercise yourself! Granted, you don’t need to eat your entire meal with your eyes closed, but close them periodically and enjoy the sensations! And please share with me your experience!
I have resolved to chew my food more, to always sit down when I eat, and to savor every morsel that gives me life!


Melita said...

i am definitely one that eats too fast. i will try slowing down.

Pink Heels said...

I have the exact same problem! I believe that my speed-eating originated, like you, with being part of a very large family and because my elementary school only provided students with 10 minutes for lunch so that we would have 20 minutes outside for recess. I have never been able to overcome my fast eating condition. I will definitely check out this web site.