Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Viva la Carnival!

In my quest for creativity, I have enrolled in an online “Creativity Circle” thru a really fun site www.hiptranquilchick.com. We are assigned bi-weekly readings from “Artists Way” by Julia Cameron, “12 Secrets of highly creative women” by Gail McMeekin, and “Hip Tranquil Chick” by Kimberly Wilson. In my readings last night from “Artists Way” the author suggests that in areas for guidance, if we ask our selves or our God for answers in the evening before bed, we should listen for answers in the morning. For fun, I gave it a try – thinking how wonderful and simple this would be, waking up from a restful slumber with all my questions answered, what should I do with my life, what creative works are within me and by what means do I release them. I could almost taste the clarity! What I received instead was a big surprise!

The only clarity I had was the grand, vividly colorful carnival that I attended in my dream. There was a swarm of activity. I remember a swimming pool with people dancing around – almost like a music video. There were different booths of arts, crafts, tattoos, piercings, etc. At the piercings booth I confronted a young girl who had a piercing, that there are numerous hazards to piercings such as infection, crooked holes, etc, etc, etc.

I participated in a lottery type drawing where the tickets were not scratch off, but opening up a tissue type of contraption – like the tissue bells for weddings. While I was figuring out my tickets, someone knocked into me sending all of my belongings flying. While frantically trying to gather all of my belongings, I find other paper tissue things that I picked up as well. As we were leaving the carnival, I noticed that my tickets were not with the papers – I was frantic! I rushed back towards the carnival, but notice that the carnival had closed and all of the carnival workers were dancing their way out of the carnival. My tickets were long gone by that point. Then I woke up.

So am I destined to be a carnie? (Not that there is anything wrong with that) I highly doubt it though, I think it was a combination of “Ella Enchanted” and Celine Dion in concert that I watched last night, as well as a conversation I had with my teenage daughter yesterday that had accompanied a girlfriend to who was getting her belly pierced. My mind is a wild and crazy place to be!