Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Misc. Musings

Misc. Musings

“Life is a bag of peaches. Be the juicy one.” ~ H. Jackson Brown

Love that quote! So relatable. Have you ever bitten into a peach and have it be dry, tough and tasteless? How about biting into a peach that was surprisingly soft, exploding with flavor and the juices are so overwhelming that they run down your chin? That’s what life should be!

Photo Credit: *Laura Ann's Photography*

On to another subject: I am almost bouncing off the walls this morning. I have been coffee free for some time now, choosing herbal teas instead. I have been reading Mariel Hemingway’s books “Healthy Living from the Inside Out” and “Mariel’s Kitchen”. I would highly recommend both of these books. They are very well written and she has such a wholesome view of foods, space and being. Anyways, she recommends being “mindful” of what you eat. Eating foods that are wholesome, from nature and not “noisy”. (Sugar laden, caffeinated, ECT.) But if you choose to eat “noisy” foods, be aware of how you feel afterwards. Well my friends, the coffee smelt wonderful this morning so I had myself not only one cup, but two. Keeping Mariel’s suggestion at heart, I noticed after my first cup that I felt constricted. Like Sponge Bob when he visits Sandy in her underwater dome. After my second cup, I feel like a 3 year old, bouncing off the walls, jittery, attention span at zero! (Which is probably why this posting is ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE!) I have consumed coffee for years, and never had been “mindful” of what the effects are to my body and mind. This was a real eye opening experience. I plan on taking this “mindfulness” to all my meals and really tuning in to what these foods do for me.

Finally, just for fun I thought Id share with you a little splash of my IPod. I’m listing the first 15 songs from my IPod in Shuffle mode:
1) S.O.S. – ABBA
2) Lay my body down –Midge Ure
3) Storm in Africa – Enya
4) It it’s in my mind, it’s on my face – Seal
5) Session – Linkin Park
6) Everywhere – Michelle Tumes
7) Fumbling towards Ecstasy – Sarah McLachlan
8) Jamaica Inn – Tori Amos
9) The Chinese Way – Level 42
10) Pocketful of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield
11) Tall trees in Georgia – Eva Cassidy
12) Thank U – Alanis Morissette
13) Bears – Lyle Lovett
14) Barracuda – Heart
15) Man in the Moon – Martin Page

I don’t know what the above selection says about me, if anything – I think I’ll just leave that up to you!


Melita said...

wow, you really are all over the place lol ;) but that is definitely not a bad thing!

love the quote, i agree, i wish that was how life was all of the time! alas, we have to take the good with the bad, eh?!

very cool how you noticed how you felt after your coffee. i drink coffee because i like it, not because i need it. and you know i'm more of a tea girl anyways :)

the ipod list looks great! quite an array of music flavors!

Globetrotting Cacti said...

It interesting to note how you feel after certain food and drinks. I have never drank coffee (can not stand the smell) and only drink decaff tea (if I want builders tea I have organic decaff - very delicious). Great idea posting your iPod playlist... a very diverse range of music.

Pink Heels said...

I have a pair of sweat pants that say "juicy" on the bum. I suppose it serves as a constant reminder to remain juicy no matter what! : ) I need to make JUICY my favorite word. Seriously, add juicy to any sentence and see what happens...I received a juicy parking ticket...I had a juicy night of sleep.