Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tantrums of an inner brat

Okay, so I've been trying and trying to get into this "creative woman" thing, really I have. I've read my chapters, fiddled in my mind as to what to do. But that inner brat in me just really doesn't want to have anything to do with anything the last week and a half! Really!

Me: What fun can we have today? Beading, painting, coloring?

Brat: NO!

Me: Why Brat, that doesn't sound very reasonable, you know we always have fun when we do something creative!


How much more can I take! It's been a dozen years or so since I've had to deal with a tantrum (from my own little toddlers) Really, how does one overcome a brats tantrum? Any ideas, please post!!! I'm at my wits end!


sweetmango said...

Hug your inner brat, tell her you understand that she is feeling unsure about her abilities to create and that it is ok. Then you tell her that she is welcome to stay and watch you create, but she must sit quietly in the corner and say nothing. Every time she tries to be a brat, put your finger to your lips and say "Shhhh, I am creating" and smile at her, because even our own inner brats look kinda cute when they are having a tantrum!!
good luck :)

BelleEnchanted said...

Ooh, I would take IB by the hand (love that it's really the same initials as Inner Being!) and go on a fun Artist's date. Tell her you're honoring her feelings, so instead of doing anything creative, you're just going to fill the well - soak yourself in art inspiration. Visit a museum, or a really funky store with great stuff to look at and touch. Or take ten dollars to the dollar store or thrift store, promising yourself you're only going to spend it on fun things, things for play, nothing needed, just what catches your eye. Usually when I do that, my IB plays reluctance but by the end of it all, she simply can't resist and really wants to plunge in!

Naturally Jules said...

Oh thank you sweetmang and BelleEnchanted, I was ready to send IB to the corner for a time out! Thanks for the encouragement!

Suzanne said...

Just buy her a coffee and call it a day! ;)

Pink Heels said...

Feed the brat and then ask her what she would like to do that is creative. Maybe you just need something 'creative.' Something that you have never done before.