Thursday, December 11, 2008

Computer Novice Apologies

Darn, drat, and I'll be a monkey's uncle....I really wanted my YouTube video to come up on the post, but it's only the link. Phooey! Well, enjoy the link! And if any of you are technically more advanced than I (which would be any of you!!!) please send me a line as to how to upload those videos to your blog!

Edit: Thanks to my tech savy buddy...Alison at Globetrottingcacti - I've gotten the video up and running! Hurray! I might just go and find some more fav. holiday songs!


Alison said...

I know - also trying to work out how to do this. Could definatly do with going on an online blogging course (a bit like the creativity circle!). Will let you know if I figure it out!

Alison said...

Tech savvy - that made me smile!!! I am any-thing but.... learning as I go along x